Why getting a MASSAGE helps you achieve your goals FASTER!

Want to know an easy way to fast track your goals in an easy and relaxed manner?

Get a massage!

Seriously massage allows you to relax, drop into your parasympathetic (this is a really good thing), makes you feel good in the body and allows you the space to connect with yourself & Source. When we allow ourselves to drift in that blissful massage state of being half awake/half asleep our mind opens, the chatter stops, and in the quiet you connect with the Universe. Creative ideas flow, inspiration comes and you are so relaxed you just allow them to fill your mind. Some of my best ideas in life have come while I'm getting a massage. In my opinion getting a massage is not a luxury but a necessity.

If you are serious about achieving your goals then you have to be the best version of yourself- rested, high-energy, determined, conscious, loving self. If you never take time to refill yourself and are always striving/giving- I'm afraid you won't ever get there. Why? Because you will be exhausted or you will give up on your goals and just settle for what is easy. The comfort zone is way easier and very comfortable.

Making the time to take care of yourself can be a challenge but aren't you worth it? Are your dreams and goals worth it? Yup, they are and so are you! Go get a massage- you deserve one!

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Who is the one CRUSHING your dreams?

What happens when our dreams, hopes and desires are slowly crushed over time? Oh, and it doesn't really matter who is doing the crushing but what does matter is that you don't feel fulfilled in your life because you aren't living in alignment with your deepest desires and dreams. Crushed is crushed.  

What happens is that we adapt to our environment and surroundings- not always a good thing. When our dreams are being crushed or ignored they are forced to mutate and change until they look like the life we are living instead of the one that we were dreaming of creating.  We pretend and on the outside everything looks ok.  But we've begun to let go of the dream and on the inside we are withering.  

It's easy for our dreams to be crushed by that negative inner voice or by one of our well meaning family members. It's rough, I get it.  But you can change the story.  If you want to.  If you are willing to put in the work to make it happen.  That is your right as a Divine being.  You have that power and you don't have to let them ( or the totally annoying voice in your head) stifle your desires!!

You are going to love this video and my dog Bandit wanted to Co-star with me  :) He's pretty handsome.

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Tapping into a Rampage of Ease and Flow

I have been doing this rampage of ease everyday as a meditation and I LOVE it. It is a Rampage of Ease and Flow by Esther and Abraham Hicks (see below for original link). I liked it so much I turned it into a EFT Tapping session. I feel like the message in the words are received more with the Subconscious mind when you use it in conjunction with tapping. I hope you enjoy!

Abraham Hicks 2/15/2014 Long Beach - All recorded and printed Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Jerry and Esther Hicks. For more information on Abraham, Esther & Jerry Hicks please go to their website: http://www.abraham-hicks.com

Abraham-Hicks ~ Rampage of Ease and Flow (with Music) autoayudaespiritual Published on May 20, 2014 https://youtu.be/adrMpjvAggc

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I have been doing this rampage of ease everyday as a meditation and I LOVE it. It is a Rampage of Ease and Flow by Esther and Abraham Hicks (see below for original link). I liked it so much I turned it into a EFT Tapping session.

You Can't make your Dreams come true if you are Exhausted!

Have you ever felt exhausted in the pursuit of you goals? I know I have!

Self care as an entrepreneur is hard to do.  I mean, when do you have the time, right? The answer is never.  There will never be time to take care of yourself unless you make the time.  I love self care but I used to always forget to do it because I was always taking care of others and my business.  I forget about me- I mean altogether.  

Life gets tricky when we forget to honor ourselves and all the work we do.  It's easy to get burnt out as an entrepreneur but if we want to succeed and any go after the dreams that have meaning to us.  Then we gotta take care of #1- no not your business or your family (this is where the mind shift happens) but your mind, body and soul. 

If you are exhausted you can't make you dream goals come true.  Schedule your self care into your life.  Make time for it.  You are important.  Without you, the business and family can't thrive.  My yourself a priority, celebrate you, and treat yourself.  Find that place that fills your soul up, get a massage (every month), go for a walk on the beach.  Find the things that rejuvenate your soul and do them...every week.  

Your dreams are possible...when you have the energy to go after them!

The Obstacles in our Path!

Let not bullshit each other and think that reaching your dream goals is easy.  It is a journey, sometimes it will be hard and sometimes it will seem like things just magically manifest.  But here is the fact: You will meet with obstacles, challenges, and roadblocks along the way.

But obstacles don't have to stop you in your tracks! Nope.  If you came up against a problem at work while you were working on a project, would you quit? Nope. You would just try something else until you figure it out. 

So what do you do? Come up with ideas that are bigger than the problem plus have a willingness to be creative when needed and don't forget to look at the simplest solution too :)

Going for your dream goals can be challenging but you can do it-one inspired step and obstacle at a time.

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Visualize you goal until it becomes your reality!

You can visualize your dreams into reality! Athletes have known this for years- they see the touchdown, winning gold, the best performance of their lives. And they do it all in their mind first before they do it in real life. You can too!

This is the magical moment I had been visualizing for months and this was the moment it became real for me. You dreams are possible and visualizing is one of the key components to being able to live your dreams in reality.

Need to borrow some of my belief- you can! I'm a coach who helps women transform their lives by letting go of the limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck so that they can reach their dream goals. Visualize your dreams into existence! 

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Failure is an option but not forever!

Anyone who has ever been really successful has failed. Period. Probably many many times.

Does it happen to everyone? Yup, pretty much which sucks but is also kinda liberating too.  Because if everyone fails, then it's no big deal when you do, right?  It is bound to happen if you are going for the things that matter most to you. Sometimes the truth is scary but perhaps its all in the way we look at things.  I know I needed to reframe the way that I looked at failing.  I was terrified to fail at anything.  But thanks to the Universe and the amazing way it teaches you the things you most need to learn- I learned to fail.  Repeated. Sigh.  

So if you are doing it right...you will fail repeatedly along the way! When you do fail you realize that it is horrible, hard, and really uncomfortable but you survive. You don't die of failure, it is not a disease. What really matters is how you get back up.  How do you do that? You get back up, dust yourself off and go again, all the while asking yourself how you can do it better this time.

Failure doesn't kill you, it makes you strong, it helps you to learn, to grow. Shift your perspective and failure doesn't look so terrifying after all. Failing teaches our brain how to do it differently and better the next time.  We need that information to grow so without mistakes and failures, we wouldn't grow as a person.  

You have to be willing to fail to be great! So take a chance and fail. Then fail again. Get back up and do it again.  It's not easy or fun but you'll be ok, no, you will be on your way to creating a life you love.

Need a coach?  Let's talk! One of my passions is helping people to breakthrough the fears that are keeping them trapped in a life they don't love and then getting you on the path to creating the kickass life you do love.  

ps. Don't forget that you are a Divine being capable of anything.  

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Make your Desires Bigger than your Fears!

Our dreams and goals are powerful forces but fear can stop action taking in its tracks!

I know that fear has seriously messed with my head in the pursuit of all I desire.  And I never know in what form it will show itself.  The "I can't do this", "This is crazy, what are people going to think", "I'm not good enough", "They can do it but I can't."  Or I just don't FEEL like doing that right now, the oh so subtle fear which comes disguised as procrastination.  

But here is a fact: Fear will always be present as you uplevel and go for your dreams. I've jumped out of planes, bungeed off a bridge at 300 feet, stood in front of large classrooms and taught, I've even shark dived.  Guess what? The fear is always present.  But I have learned to look it in the face and stare it down.  Every time I do, the fear quiets but it is always there. You learn to live with it, I won't go as far as to say it becomes your friend but...when it is present in full bloom you know it means its a great time to grow :)

The key is to make your desire bigger and stronger than your fear. Don't let the fear stop you. Your dreams are worth it! I believe in you!

Go forth and kick ass!

7 Easy Hacks to Fast Track your Dreams & Goals!

Have you ever wished reaching your dreams could be easier? I know I have! I practice these 7 daily actions to keep me moving and focused on whats most important to me.  Try them out and see for yourself how easy it is to fast track your desires so that you get to experience them in real life.  Everything is first created in the mind and then reality!