Amber works with kick-ass woman ready to break through what's keeping them stuck, so that they can achieve their goals and live a life they love.

In their own words...


let go, break through

When I first began working with Amber I had already done some classes around abundance and finances so I thought I knew all that there was to know about my own history with money.
However, I was truly impressed by how she was able to help me access even deeper patterns and stories that I have had throughout my life. With every session she has continued to help me breakthrough to new levels of understanding and to discover new ways of connecting what I once thought were disparate parts of my life but which have all been impacting me for years.
I'm really looking forward to doing more work with her. She has been trustworthy, insightful, and very attentive to all the emotions that have come up through this work and I have no doubt she is going to help many people make some truly powerful changes in their lives through this work.
She is a total pro and I recommend her unequivocally to anyone who wants to let go of old patterns and to break through to new levels of freedom and awareness around goals, money, wealth, and abundance!

Rachel Sarah Thurston - Writer, Photographer, Multimedia Presenter


game changer

Working with Amber has been a game changer for me, personally and professionally. Her approach includes the perfect mix of tools and techniques combined with a committed, passionate and present attitude.
Courtney Hurst Head shot.jpeg
She is prepared for each session with a customized plan, but is nimble enough to change that plan if I need to take the session in a different direction to help with more immediate, specific challenges I am facing as the owner of multiple businesses in various industries.
With Amber's help, I am diving into the past, present and future of my life without placing too much emphasis on any one timeframe. Finally, it's clear that Amber lives and leads by example, so it's inspiring and encouraging to see someone living their 'most epic life.' Amber's coaching has helped in all the ways I hoped/expected and in so many ways that I hadn't even dreamed of.

Courtney Hurst - Entrepreneur


no fear

Working with Amber has helped me change the way I’m playing in life! Before working with Amber I was allowing my fears and insecurities to hold me back from success in my business. Now I move through my fears and challenge myself daily to achieve my goals. I have never felt so motivated, vibrant and alive on a daily basis.
Kacey Head shot.jpg
Amber’s direct, compassionate, authentic, say it like it is, style resonates and motivates. She gives solid tools that will launch anyone willing to do the work to where they want to be.

Kacey Gritt - Entrepreneur